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Efficient Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning LondonExperiencing itchy eyes when you go to bed? Not sure how to clean a mattress properly? All the dust, dust mites, other microorganisms, and dirt can be effectively removed from your bed should you choose the expert help of Better Cleaning Company Ltd. We professionally clean and sanitise mattresses. Our experienced mattress cleaners London can quickly & efficiently clean mattresses in your home, hotel, hostel, hospital or another place with beds at an affordable price. We use only perfectly safe and eco-friendly tools and solutions for cleaning. Your bedroom will be much cleaner and healthier once we are done. If you select our mattress cleaning service in London now, you will get:

  • A 72-hour anti-allergen effect 
  • Natural & chemical-free cleaning
  • Full stain & smell removal
  • No deposit, excellent rates
  • Options for same day booking

To get a free price quote for our top-rated bed furniture cleaning service, call 020 3746 3201 now! Not only will we remove spots & bad odour but we'll also eliminate bed germs using our powerful UV light method.


Our steam cleaning will only cost you £29, whereas a dry cleaning treatment is priced at £39. Also, to make sure that all the dust mites, dust, and other allergens are completely removed from your bedroom, you can order our deep carpet cleaning service along with the mattress cleaning. The discount you might be given is up to 15%!

Dry & Steam Mattress Cleaning London & UV Light Treatment

We have great experience cleaning mattresses & all other bedroom furniture. Our mattress cleaners in London are all thoroughly vetted and trained to use the latest professional cleaning equipment and methods. Our mattress cleaning service is performed by employing proven dry or steam cleaning techniques (it doesn’t require that the mattress is moved and allows you to use your sanitised mattress right after the cleaning is done) or by using and complimented with effective anti germs UV light treatment. Here, a state-of-art high-intensity UV light equipment is used to remove all dust mites and other microorganisms which reside your mattress and feed on all the dead skin cells which you shed during your sleep. You may be shocked to learn that an average bed contains about 6 million of them.

Procedure Details

  • No chemicals or other solutions are used for the professional mattress cleaning, so there are no harmful toxins released during or after the cleaning procedure.
  • No moisture is used, so no drying time is required, and the bed can be used right after the procedure.
  • The special mattress cleaning machine shakes the mattress and sucks away the dust and the dead dust mites. If you are curious, our cleaners can show you the number of dust mites we have removed after the cleaning is done.
  • This deep mattress cleaning method is safe to use for any kind of mattress or pillow. The full cleaning of one mattress takes around 15 minutes.
  • After the cleaning, any odours emitted from your mattress will also be removed.

Make sure you sleep in a sanitised and allergen-free bed and order our professional mattress cleaning service today!

The Best Mattress Cleaners Only A Phone Call Away!

To book our mattress cleaning London service make your booking request at 020 3746 3201 or online here. The customer support staff will process your request and return a written confirmation within 2 hours. If you decide to book another one or more of our cleaning services along with the mattress cleaning, we will present you with a very attractive discount from the prices. You are not required to pay a deposit for booking our bed furniture cleaning service. You can book our us for any day of the year. 

This bed cleaning London service is suitable both for private customers as well as for hospitals, hostels, and hotels. Make your bedroom the healthiest and safest place in your home by hiring our skilled mattress cleaners now!