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Home & Office Cleaning Related Questions

Q: Can my 2 dogs be present during the carpet cleaning?

A: All the solutions we use are 100% safe for animals, people, and the environment. For the safety of the dogs, they should be kept out of the room during the cleaning because of the machines used, and so that they don’t get hurt accidentally.

Q: Will you remove the wardrobe which sits on the carpet that I want to be cleaned?

A: It is recommended that you move heavier items. We usually send only 1 cleaner who cannot move heavier items. If it can’t be moved, the cleaner will cover its base or legs with protective padding to prevent it from getting damaged.

Q: When will I be able to place all the things back on the carpet after the deep cleaning?

A: If the deep cleaning is dry you can do it right away. For steam cleaning, it will take about 3 hours for the carpet to dry. Upon request, we can provide air moving systems to speed up the drying process to 1 hour.

Q: Is it possible that you clean both my rugs and my sofa at the same time?

A: Yes, our professional cleaners are equipped and experienced to do both. Plus, booking more than 1 service will bring you a considerable discount on the price.

Q: I need to use your services, but I am busy except on weekends or holidays, can you come then?

A: Yes, our cleaning services are available 365 days a year including bank holidays and weekends.

Q: Is it possible to completely remove the urine smell from the rug which my dog peed on?

A: Deep cleaning the rug will ensure that any residue and microorganisms emitting an unpleasant smell are removed. We also offer additional deodorising of the carpet upon customer’s request.

Q: I am a little bit anxious with people in my home where all my belongings are. Can I feel safe with your cleaning staff?

A: All of our cleaners are carefully vetted, police checked and constantly assessed and monitored. All of our cleaning services are fully insured as well, so yes, you can feel sure for your belongings.

Q: How often is the recommended period for deep carpet cleaning?

A: Carpet makers suggest that once a year is recommended for most types of carpets. However, if you have pets, allergic people, toddlers or smoke at home, you probably need to resort to deep cleaning at least twice a year.

Q: I have a very old stain on my carpet which previous professional cleaning services couldn’t remove. Can you guarantee that you can remove it?

A: No, Better Cleaning Company does not give a 100% guarantee for stain removal. Yes, it is part of the carpet cleaning service, but only some stains are removable, others are too old or have caused permanent damage to the fibres and colours of the carpet to be removed. Our cleaner will inspect the carpet and inform you which stains are treatable and which are not.

Q: Who should I contact with a very specific question in regard to carpet cleaning?

A: To get more information, a free price quote or to book our cleaning services, please feel free to call or send an online request. Our customer support is available 24/7.

Q: What's my rubbish collection day?

Here you can find out what is your junk collection day

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