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Professional Home & Office Cleaning Services

Better Cleaning Company offers a wide variety of specialised cleaning services for private and commercial customers who live or work in London and the area. All the services we provide are reasonably priced, reliable and performed by professional cleaners. We use the leading technologies, methods, tools and solutions from the cleaning industry, to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality, safe and efficient cleaning services in the area. Our customer support staff is at your service 24/7, so you can call right away for price and discount information.

Cleaning Services We Offer

  • Carpet & Rug cleaning

Our cleaners are specialised and equipped to deep clean all kinds of rugs and carpets. Your carpet or rug will safely be cleaned via steam or dry cleaning. Any removable stains will be pre-treated and cleaned too. Make your carpet look like new and the air in your home healthier by letting us deep clean your carpets for you!

  • Upholstery Cleaning

We can deep clean your sofa or any kind of upholstered furniture for you. We use steam or dry cleaning depending on the material and textile of the upholstery. We will pre-treat all stains which are removable. The deep cleaning removes any dust, dirt and kills all harmful microorganisms living in your furniture and spreading in the air.

  • Mattress Cleaning

Our mattress cleaning service can be done with steam or dry cleaning. But we can provide a modern cleaning method which is done with high intensity UV light, and which kills 100% of the dust mites and any other microorganisms in the mattress. This is especially helpful if you suffer from dust allergies, eczema, eye and nose irritation, asthma and other conditions.

  • Hard Floor Cleaning

Stone, wood, vinyl, concrete, linoleum, slate, tile…you name it, we can clean it. We can rejuvenate your hard floor and seal it to protect it from staining. Your floors will live longer and will look better if you let us take proper care for them.

  • Window Cleaning

Our cleaners will clean all kinds of windows and outdoors. We can clean windows located up to the 4th floor without the use of ladders and from a distance. We also have rope access window cleaning teams for windows above the 4th floor. Our cleaners can also efficiently wash your windows from the inside as well.

  • Oven Cleaning

We will make your oven look and cook as good as new. Our modern deep cleaning method will ensure that the food you cook is healthier. The oven will use less energy and will take lesser time for cooking after we are done. We can deep clean any kitchen appliance, upon request.

  • End Of Tenancy Cleaning

Our specialised end of tenancy cleaning is a top to bottom cleaning service which is performed, so that you do not get your tenancy deposit withheld due to cleaning costs. This service is done in accordance to a pre-approved cleaning checklist. We offer a 48 hour quality guarantee and a free -re-clean if you have complaints.

  • One Off Cleaning

This service is hourly based, and our cleaners will clean just about anything you request for the hours they are given. It can include cleaning just one room or specific item, or cleaning an entire house or office. The choice is yours.

  • Extra Services

Upon request we can provide a special Scotchgard treatment that will further protect your carpet or upholstery fibres. Also, if you are in a hurry and have no time to wait for your home to dry out after the cleaning session, we can provide powerful air movers. Your home will be clean & dry within an hour-two.

Booking Us Has Never Been Easier

To book one or more of the professional residential and commercial cleaning services we offer, send an online booking request here or dial 020 3746 3201 or fill in our booking form. In up to 2 hours, you will receive booking confirmation via e-mail and SMS. No deposit needs to be paid for booking. All of the prices of our services are firmly fixed, so you won’t have to deal with hidden fees and unplanned expenses. You can book a same-day emergency service, or plan ahead. Booking early gets you preferential prices. Booking 2 or more cleaning services simultaneously leads to very impressive discounts.