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How Do London Citizens Rate Clean Zone London Ltd.

“I booked the carpet cleaning service, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed to switch the date for the cleaning 2 days later. There was absolutely no problem, and no added fee for the change. Great cleaning job, and an amazing customer care service!”
Peter Morrison

“I had forgotten what the real colours of my carpet were. After my daughter booked the carpet cleaning service for me, I was a bit sceptical at first, but once the cleaning man was done, I was absolutely amazed at the result. I definitely recommend this cleaning company!”
Mariam Blake

“The carpet cleaning was so fast that I couldn’t believe that there will be any effect. I turned out to be wrong. Now my carpet has its beautiful bright colours back. It is softer than ever and best of all – there is no sign of the nasty odour it had started emitting a few months ago. I am very satisfied with the cleaning services!”
Laura Larsson

“The cleaner was a nice and friendly young man, who even helped remove all chairs and the table from my dining room rug before cleaning it. I am very happy with the result. I couldn’t believe that the dry cleaning could have the same effect as the regular carpet washing. I am very happy with the results, and will be returning!”

“I am absolutely delighted with the fact that I could order an emergency cleaning at 10:00 p.m. on Friday and get it done on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. The cleaner took care of the nasty wine stain from my sofa. Now everything looks nice and clean and smells nice and clean as well. Thank you!”
Patty Mole

“I booked the end of tenancy cleaning because I am moving abroad. The team were like ninjas. They seemed to clean everything. When I returned to the flat – it looked like it had just been repainted and refurbished. No complaints from my landlord and no problems with getting my tenancy deposit back from him.”
Peter Larsen

“I was pleasantly surprised that the cleaner arrived just on time, and took less than an hour to clean my living room wall to wall carpet. He gave me excellent advice on how to maintain it and how to treat stains. Now all of the stains and dirt is gone, and my carpet is back to its beautiful self.”
Simone Walters

“The cleaning team arrived and started working immediately. I continued with my errands inside while they were washing the windows outdoors. There was no peeking or disturbing presence of cleaners at my windows. It was fast and now my windows look absolutely perfectly clean! The window cleaning service is definitely worthwhile and is at a great price!”
Sarah Winston

“We got the one off cleaning service for our home when the baby was born and it was time to get her home. The team of nice and efficient cleaners managed to complete all tasks we wanted done for the 4 hours we had booked. Incredibly efficient, and use only baby-friendly and eco-friendly cleaning detergents as well!”
Pauline Michaels

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